Resource Links

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a 24/7 toll free hotline providing immediate access to trained counselors to anyone experiencing emotional crisis. The Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has founded a national hotline for veterans in partnership with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Veterans can call the Lifeline number, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), and press “1″ to be routed to the Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline.

Caregiver Resource Directory

2013 Caregiver Resource Directory

You can download the 2013 Caregiver Resource Directory by clicking the link above. The Directory was written by the Department of Defense’s Office of Warrior Care Policy. From the Directory, “It was designed to provide information in a manner that enables you to quickly identify many of the available resources that address your particular needs and requirements. In addition, this directory serves as another tangible demonstration from a grateful nation that you are not in this alone!”

The Real Warriors Campaign

The Real Warriors Campaign was launched by the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE), the campaign promotes the processes of building resilience, facilitating recovery and supporting reintegration of returning service members, veterans and their families. Visit the campaign website to access tools and resources, including informative articles and video profiles, for service members, veterans and military families.

Quality of Life Foundation

Quality of Life Foundation strives to make positive differences in peoples’ lives today that will continue far into the future. By focusing on initiatives that improve the quality of life of those who have been struck by misfortune, and teaching them skills for rebuilding in spite of those life struggles, the Foundation will have indeed provided a life-long benefit to those they serve.

Warrior Gateway

The Warrior Gateway Program has been designed to promote easier reintegration into home communities. It establishes a single capability that serves as a trusted and reliable resource for the military community to quickly locate service organizations that satisfy their needs, identify academic programs they are interested in and easily find employers seeking their valuable skills, while enabling improvements in the service provider sector through metrics and collaboration.

Military One Source

Military OneSource is a free service provided by the Department of Defense to service members and their families to help with a broad range of concerns including money management, spouse employment and education, parenting and child care, relocation, deployment, reunion, and the particular concerns of families with special-needs members. They can also include more complex issues like relationships, stress, and grief. Services are available 24 hours a day — by telephone and online.

Guide Star

Guide Star provides neutral, independent information on over 1.7 million nonprofits. By providing information on the mission, impact and funding of organizations, Guide Star allows the public to make informed donating decisions and to review their favorite charities.

National Resource Directory

The National Resource Directory is an online resource for wounded, ill and injured Service Members, Veterans, their families and those who support them. The directory provides information and contacts for those in the Armed Forces community to find support in a multitude of areas.

United States Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs is the Federal government’s Veterans benefit system and is administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The benefits provided by the VA include disability compensation, pension, education, home loans, life insurance, vocational rehabilitation, survivors’ benefits, medical benefits and burial benefits.

National Center for PTSD

The National Center for PTSD is the United States government’s center of excellence for research and education on the prevention, understanding and treatment of PTSD. Although providing no direct clinical care, the Center’s purpose is to improve the well-being and understanding of American Veterans through cutting edge research to ultimately advance the science and promote understanding of Traumatic Stress.

Army Wounded Warrior Program

The Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) is the official U.S. Army program that assists and advocates for severely wounded, ill and injured Soldiers, Veterans and their families.

Navy Safe Harbor

Navy Safe Harbor is the Navy’s lead organization for coordinating the non-medical care of wounded, ill, and injured Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, and their families.

Air Force Wounded Warrior

The Air Force Wounded Warrior site is the official U.S. Air Force resource for those Airmen with hostile-related injury or illness requiring long-term care.

Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment

The Wounded Warrior Regiment provides and facilitates assistance to wounded, ill, and injured Marines, Sailors attached to or in support of Marine units, and their family members in order to assist them as they return to duty or transition to civilian life.

Luke’s Wings

Luke’s Wings provides travel planning services and airplane tickets for the families of wounded warriors currently hospitalized at medical and rehabilitation centers all over the country.

Reserve Aid

Reserve Aid provides assistance to Reservist and National Guard Members only. They must have been activated and deployed between 1 Jan 2008 to the present time. They cover rent, mortgage, utility bills, car payments & insurance in the form of 1-time grants payable directly to the company. Max of $2500/family.

Hire Heroes USA

Hire Heroes USA provides transition assistance, job search assistance, and job placement services to those who have honorably served in the US military – and to their spouses – in order to reduce veteran unemployment.